Need some Help in License matter

I am an indie developer and i just started to look into unity, downloaded the unity personal edition, and started setting it up.After sign up license page opened in which i selected unity personal edition.And there is this 3 option to choose i dont know which one i should choose.will i be able to make commercial game if choose the 3rd option(i dont use unity in professional capacity).

Hi @Skyrush007

You will be able to make a commercial game regardless of which edition of the Unity engine you choose to use. The personal edition allows you to build your game and sell it in a commercial capacity without paying any royalties to Unity. The only deal is that if you or your company earn over $100,000 a year. Then you must purchase a Unity Plus, Professional or Enterprise licence.

For more information on what you can and can’t do based on which licence you chose look at the following links:

Licence Feature/Price Comparison
Unity Person Edition Information and FAQ

Hello @Cepheid, Here are all the three options that was showing when i selected unity personal edition:-

  1. The company/organisation i represent earned more than $100,000 in gross revenue in the previous fiscal year
  2. The company/organisation i represent earned less than $100,000 in gross revenue in the previous fiscal year
    3.i don’t use unity in professional capacity

Note:- i am an independent developer i don’t work for any organisation/company.
please reply THNX IN ADVANCE :slight_smile: