Need some help please, can I use a particle system composed of each characters of a string

Just like the title, I wanna write a particle system composed of many characters, there’s no need to figure out what the string means, only have to tear each characters apart and let them be the particles floating in the sky, how can I do that? any help and suggestion are all appreciated, hope I can find the answers soon, thanks a lot.

Well, it should be possible, but not that easy. I would got this way:

  1. Hold your own list of particles and assign them to ParticleEmitter.particles
  2. Create a custom mono-spaced font texture so it’s easy to split the uvs.
  3. Write a custom shader that interprets the vertex color as uv-offset (not sure if that works since you don’t have access to the vertex data, but it should be possible)

If you can’t adjust the uvs in the shader you can’t use the ParticleEmmiter. You would need to do it yourself with a procedural mesh.