Need some physics help for a pilotable and walkable airship

I’m working on a project with an Airship, which I’m hoping to make function something like a blimp. My main problem right now is I want my ship to be able to use the physics system, bc obviously I don’t want to have it clipping through walls or anything. So I set up a nice working controller that uses Rigidbody.AddForce and AddTorque for movement + rotation. This worked fine, but then I wanted my player to be able to walk around the ship while it was flying. My character uses a CharacterController, which looks like it has an underlying rigidbody attached to it. I’m also forcing the player to simulate gravity in my player controller script. So, when my player steps onto the ship, it starts descending because of the player’s weight. I then thought about using a kinematic rigidbody on my ship so that I can just control it with MovePosition and MoveRotation and then manually handle collisions using the OnCollisonEnter events, but then I realized that these events don’t fire for kinematic rigidbodies, so I’m back to square one.

My question is, is it possible to get a collision-capable airship that can ignore my player’s weight? I read something about physics scenes, which I have no experience with, but maybe that’s a step in the right direction? It seems needlessly complicated and I’d like to steer clear of that unless it’s the only reasonable way.

Try increasing the mass of the airship to something vastly higher than the player (100 or something). That way the mass added by the player becomes negligible.

If the only problem is it pushing the airship down, you could always try applying a ‘Freeze position’ constraint on the airship against the Y Axis. It will effectively lock it in place (then going up / down can be controlled at the pilot seat etc)