need standard assets

i got unity recently and have been trying to use tutorials to help me, but I have found that I don't have the standard assets and i only have the standard assets mobile which doesn't have the first person controller and i was wondering if there was anyway for me to just download the standard assets package without completely re-downloading unity

There is no more standard assets package in Unity 3; instead there are many standard assets packages. Import the one you want (should be obvious by the names).

yeah they got rid of the standard assets in unity 3 if you add the charector controler asset you can do the same thing just have the main camera selected go to component and camera controll and click mouse look then under component still under charector you should see charector motor and fps imput controller click both of those also. To change the speed of the character in the movement tab and things like that (jumping sliding)

If you select every asset package except the "standard assets (mobile package) it creates a Standard Assets package

how can i find those standard assets packages it is for free ??,where can I find those standard assets packages, it is for fre ??

how can i find those “standard assets packages”, it is for free ?

Hi folks, to find the standard assets go and download
" FPS_Tutorial_Completed " once u got it open - FPS_Tutorial_Completed\Assets\Standard Assets\Prefabs\ enjoy the first person controller