Need tips about changing clothes for characters with cloth physics

Im facing a unity3d project that involves changing clothes(and hairstyle, shoes, bracelet etc) for 3d animated characters. All clothes are required to have cloth physics simulations.

Now, the problem is, though i am an experienced programmer (c/c++, java etc) and have decent knowledge about 3d stuffs, I have absolutely zero unity3d scripting knowledge. Moreover, the time is limited for the whole implementation and the unity documentation doesn’t seem to have enough details. You can see the situation is unfortunate for me.

So i really wish you unity3d gurus can give me some hints about where to start, which class/system to look at with highest priority in order to save some time aimlessly wondering around the huge system.

Edit: Currently I’m studying the CharacterCustomization sample; however, it doesn’t deal with physics at all and all changeable parts are “hard coded” into a single max file. I still feel very confusing about how to get it done.


I have no experience with cloth physics, but for bone-based accessories like clothing I just share the rig as detailed in this thread: