Need to access Navmeshlink from the agent (Unity 5.6)


In my game i have an agent and multiple different offmesh links.

i would like to move to using unity 5.6 and the new navmeshlinks system but i have a major issue…

i need to have different types of navmesh links eg some to indicate for the agent to jump and some to indicate for the agent to climb a ladder. with offmesh links i did this from the agent by going navmeshagent.currentoffmeshlinkdata.offmeshlink.tag and if the tag of the offmesh link was for instance ladder i could code what i wanted him to do for a ladder. If the tag was smalljump i could code in a parabola for a certain jump ect.

but with navmeshlinks i cannot seem to identify them in any way… i cannot find the tag of the navmeshlink… and navmeshagent.navmeshowner gives me no use-able data from what i can tell… please help. It should be simple i know but i cannot seem access the navmeshlink or navmeshlink gameobject from the agent script.

You prob. have a script on your transfer object anyway. So you could add something like this to your start method of a script that is attacked to your NavMeshLink GameObject

NavMeshLink navMeshLink = GetComponent<NavMeshLink>();
navMeshLink .m_LinkInstance.owner = link;

This will require to change the NavMeshLink class and make m_LinkInstance internal, or write a getter for it.

But this way your LinkInstance has the navMeshLink object as owner and you can access it from the agent like:

if (agent.isOnOffMeshLink){
NavMeshLink link = agent.navMeshOwner as NavMeshLink;

after checking if your agent hit a NavMeshLink
as Ash-Blue suggested

I have a work around by going and then if the name of the gameobject is for instance ladder i can do my ladder code… But i would much rather use tag then changing the gameobject name

Create a link as normal and assign the owner to any valid Object. In this case it should be a container that holds your string.

var myObj = new MyObj {myString = "TagAsString"};
var inst = NavMesh.AddLink(myLinkData);
inst.owner = myObj;

Now you can pull out that string through NavMeshAgent.navMeshOwner when NavMeshAgent.isOnOffMeshLink returns true.


Object owner = agent.navMeshOwner;
if ((owner as NavMeshLink).area == NavMesh.GetAreaFromName(“Walkable”))
// do something…