Need to check transform.rotation

I’m using a quick Quaternion.Lerp to turn a human character around before he starts running in that direction. Here’s how I setup the Lerp ( this is within an Update() ):

    	Vector3 pos = nav.destination - transform.position;
    	Quaternion newRot = Quaternion.LookRotation(pos);
    	Debug.Log("tranform: "+ transform.rotation + " newRotation: " + newRot);
    if(transform.rotation == newRot)
    Debug.Log("FACING THE RIGHT DIRECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
    if(transform.rotation != newRot)
    			transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(transform.rotation, newRot, .0005f);
    				rotating = false;
    				if(nav.remainingDistance > nav.stoppingDistance)
    					moving = true;

The debug that states when the transform is facing in the right direction never hits yet from the other debug I can see that transform.rotation will be equal to newRot variable. Is there a better way to check when the object is facing the correct direction? Thanks in advance.

Try something like this

		Vector3 dir = (myTarget.position - myTransform.position).normalized;
		float direction = Vector3.Dot(dir, myTransform.forward);

if(direction > .6f) //

Adjust .6 to meet your needs