Need to get the name of missing scripts via warning

Hi everyone,

I build a streamed asset bundle that contains a scene.
In this scene i attached a monobehaviour script to a gameobject

When i load the streamed scene, this warning message appears

The class defined in script file named ‘LoadMeAndTestMe’ does not match the file name!

As you can read, my script is “LoadMeAndTestMe”,
So how to get the name of this missing script by extracting it from this warning message ?

Is there another way to reveal name of missing script after loading a scene bundle at runtime ?

Information :
I know an assetbundle just preserve the reference to the script and its public value but not the code.
I need to get at runtime the name of the missing script to load dynamically my script.

Perharps this can help to extract name of a script and file name from warning

Hey… Could you solve it? I read the answer but I couldnt understand