Need to learn Programming and Modeling.

Hi, I'm about to begin learning programming and modeling and I just want to know if there are any tips and tutorials that are useful to me.

Programming; I want a tutorial that'll teach me the basics to advance, something that tells me what line of code does what, and when it does it, and an easy to understand tutorial aswell.

Modeling; I want a modeling tutorial that will show me how to model from the basics to advance aswell, Something that explains everything.

Also I want to learn C# no matter what, as it would be useful for other games and engines in the future.

And I want to know what's the best modeling software, I already know which ones will be useful and are popular, Maya and 3DMax, but which one is better and what makes it better and easier to use?

So can anyone help me? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.

a little looking goes a long way :P

Google is the answer

Dryden Richardson,

their are many tutorials and many use-full documents at the web like :

but now you could model inside unity with ease without having any problems, you could import models and and manipulate them :slight_smile:
checkout GameDraw by MixedDimensions, its a powerful tool that lets you manipulate and create new models inside unity without the need to use other softwares.

for info go to