Need to load prefabs during runtime


so I am currently working on an project where I have to give the user the possibility to download and use the downloaded files during runtime of the software. The files the user can download are primary 3d-Models, but as some Information has to be attached to those Models, it makes more sense to me to store those as prefabs.

I am aware of assetbundles, but I wasn’t sure if those bundles have to be loaded before runtime or at the beginning of runtime, or if it is possible at any point to load an assetbundle into the software during runtime.

That’s the reason I am asking here.

Are Assetbundles in my case the solution, or should I use something else? I don’t really want to embed every downloadable content into the software before building. Instead I want to keep the size of the software small and give the user the possibility to deide which content he wants to add to his software.

The last 4 lines on your question are the description of AssetBundles, or at least what I used them for.
So yeah, explore that.