Need to solve some problems before publishing my Game. I need your help pls

Hello Guys and Gals,

i developed my first real android game with a lot of effort and diligence. Before I publish it in the google play store, I have 2 big problems that I have to deal with.
At first i need to know if i need a privacy policy for my game and if so how i will add it into my Game. I don’t have a website where I can link the privacy policy, so how do I do that?
Before I get to point 2, I have to say my game is structured like this: You roll without stopping and you mustn’t touch the objects otherwise you will die. When you have passed the level you click on “Next Level” and move on and it becomes more difficult .

However, I don’t have a level selection system. So my second problem is the following: How do I manage to save the level reached depending on the user. Even if the app is closed and opens again, you should continue from where you left off.
Thank you a lot and yes i used google translate for this :frowning:

PS: I programmed my Game on Unity Engine. And i watched a lot of YT Videos but i couldn’t find anything useful.

If you need a privacy policy should depend on where you live as far as I know

and to save the current players reached level use PlayerPrefs