Need to spawn a network prefab using a players orientation when looking forward

Alrighty, so my problem is that my player needs to spawn a bullet in the direction he is facing, the problem is that the bullet follows only along the Z-axis, as well as needs to be translated upwards on the Y-axis to be at the correct point.

This is the spawn code on my Player controller script

	public void CmdDoFire(){
		GameObject bullet = (GameObject)Instantiate (bulletPrefab, this.transform.position + this.transform.forward, Quaternion.identity);
		bullet.GetComponent<Rigidbody> ().velocity = Vector3.forward * BulletSpeed;
		bullet.GetComponent<Bullet> ().parentNetId = this.netId;
		Destroy (bullet, 3.0f);
		NetworkServer.Spawn (bullet);

To offset the rotation you have to multiply it by the angle, so you would need to do it like this: this.transform.position * Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, 90). Adjust the angle according to your needs.