Need to stop camera from seeing through walls.

Im using the basic first person controller from standard assets. whenever I touch a wall, I can see through it. is there any way around this without increasing the skin width to such a high value that my character seems huge while walking around? thanks!

Select the Main Camera that’s part of the controller, and change its near clipping plane to 0.01 (the minimum possible value). I run into the same issue every time I use the controller, but it’s an easy fix.

Something to note! A lot of information is calculated based on the camera’s near and far clip planes.

Shadow resolution for one and it’s calculated logarithmically, which means a little value on the near clip plane = a lot of value on the far clip plane. Which means ! you want to have the camera’s near clip plane be as BIG as possible without causing problems.

Setting the camera’s near clip plane to the smallest value will significantly decrease shadow resolution in the distance. This is one reason why it’s good to switch between multiple cameras depending on the situation (each with a properly crafted near/far clip planes) to squeeze the maximum amount of useable resolution out of your shadows.

I know this answer is late now, but it also could be the fact that the surface option of the shader material render face is not set to both