Need UI control buttons for a 2D android side scroller

Hi all.

I (a Unity beginner) am creating a 2D side scroller for android. I’ve got my controls working fine, but now I need to correlate the controls with the UI buttons.

I would really appreciate a little guidance in this area. What scripts should I use, and how best do I make these work with my Canvas / Buttons?

Thanks much, guys!

I found freepik to be very useful in terms of UI sprites and vectors. They have almost all designs for games, websites and apps. Check it out on Buttons Vectors, Photos and PSD files | Free Download

You can also try open game art and search for available UI sprites on

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually already have the artwork for the buttons; I’m just having a little trouble with the c# scripts to make the buttons function.

I wonder if anyone can provide any insight in how to make the buttons function when pressed, so that when I press the android’s (JUMP) button, the character jumps.