Needing Help Sharing project on two computers

What is the best way to share a project between two people using separate computers while using the free version?

i use bitbucket, it’s free up to 5 users.

You will have to add to ignore list :

# =============== #
# Unity generated #
# =============== #

# ===================================== #
# Visual Studio / MonoDevelop generated #
# ===================================== #

# ============ #
# OS generated #
# ============ #

The simplest would be google drive or dropbox… but you asked for the best?

I use tortoiseHg mercurial client, although any versioning tool will do, such as SVN. The plus is that you can track the changes and merge work from multiple computers with ease. There’s no special unity implementation needed, all you need to do is to generate unity meta files and share those. Also very important, make sure you don’t share library and temp folders, and anything directly in the project folder (such as vproj, sln and other files)… so actually you only want to share ProjectSettings and Assets folders.

We use this method in a team of multiple people (using tortoiseHg). I am not 100% sure if meta files can be enabled on unity free though, and those are crucial in any kind of versioning / project transfer.