Needing help with Triggers

Alright i am new to Unity and Never Scripted before. and so far I am the only one in my Company for games (Celestial incorporation) and until i find someone that will work for free ( until we get out there and at least somewhat popular) then I will be working alone. and i have a pretty decent amount done i watched a large variety of tutorials. on youtube. and i can’t figure out how to make a trigger event script only effect one thing for instance i have Voice overs in game, and a coin collection system, if i enable both of them then well… only the coin collection happens. i will show both of my Scrips here.
Can anyone help me out a bit? i have been working on it for few days now. all my scripts are simple for the most part.

this is the Coin Collection System

#pragma strict
function Start () {


function Update () {


function OnTriggerEnter(col : Collider)
	PlayerInventory.Coin += 10;

this is the Voice over on trigger script

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) 




hopefully it is a easy fix and i strike some luck, i need it, I appreciate all and any help i get.

Alright i highlighted the scripts and clicked that 101010 button hope it helps.


It would seem you are destroying the gameobject that triggers the coin collection system. So the gameobject will not trigger the Voice over because it no longer exists.

If the audio should always play when the coin collection system is triggered then you should probably trigger the audio in the coin collection system instead, before the gameobject is destroyed.

If you need to have them separate (which I would not recommend, you cannot guarantee that the gameobject will hit both colliders), then you will have to check if the gameobject has hit both trigger before destroying it.