Negative Boolean Objects Possible?

Hello, I remember from my Bryce days that there was this wonderful object known as a Negative Boolean Object. It removed the portion of a model it was paired with where ever the two bisect. I’m not sure such a thing exists for unity, as I believe Bryce ran on the assumption all objects are solid inside, and created internal geometry based on that. However if it is possible/already-implemented I would love to make use of it.

Question: Is there already implemented / is there a viable way to implement Negative Boolean Objects utilizing the Unity Engine?

Context: I am currently designing a editor by which users can create hybrid objects based on a preset list of shapes and materials. I’m composing a list of methods I reasonably expect the users to understand.

No, what you mean is called CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) and is only supported by some modelling tools. Unity isn’t a modelling tool, it’s a game-engine. CSG boolean operations are quite complex and require a lot math and are in general quite slow.

Btw, google can help you with almost all questions: