Negative Lights

This question has been asked occasionally over the years but no real solution given. Is it possible for lights to have a negative value and be used to darken areas? Even if it’s just for the purpose of lightmapping it would be useful…Thanks!

if Deferred Lighting mode only, you can hack the light’s color to be negative. Since the built-in color selector is clamped to normalized colors, you cannot use it. You can set negative colors from code, like, l.color = new Color(-0.4f, -0.4f, -0.4f, 1); or just use the following script and attach it to a light, then hack as you like.

using UnityEngine;

public class HackedLight : MonoBehaviour {

    public Vector4 hackColor;
    public float multiplier = 1;

    void Update ()
        var light = GetComponent<Light>();
        light.color = new Color(hackColor.x, hackColor.y, hackColor.z, hackColor.w) * multiplier;

make a light and the color of the light black, or a dark color.