Neon Challenge

Today we launched our first official challenge on Unity Connect, the Neon Challenge.

At Unite Austin we showcased Neon, a real-time environment scene created by the director of ADAM Episode I, Veselin Efremov, over the course of a weekend. Now we want to see what you will create. We're giving you a little more time a weekend, as you will have from December 1 to January 15 to be inspired, learn, create and submit your project. To kick off our first challenge, we’re offering a prize pool of over $30,000 for finalists and a grand prize of $20,000!

If you have any questions about getting started, using any of the tools or just on the contest as a whole, feel free to drop them in this thread!

You can read our blog for more details.


Hi, this sounds very interesting, does it have to be a futuristic scene?

The theme can be your interpretation of "A New World", so while it may not have to be futuristic with neon signs and dirty streets it should be some creative futuristic vision.

Here is the excerpt from the submissions page referring to the theme, hopefully, this can help too!
"In Neon, you find a futuristic urban center in a cyberpunk style complete with humanoid inhabitants and flying vehicles. For the Neon Challenge, we’re challenging creators to think of a new world on Earth or even in the farthest reaches of space. Imagine a futuristic society with untold technological advances, along with the environments and inhabitants they may hold. Let your creativity run wild. Think of the theme within a broad category of science fiction rather than strictly cyberpunk."

Many thanks for the information , much appreciated !

which 3d software is permitted ?

There isn't any restriction on where you create assets before it gets to Unity.

Deliverables: One (1) completed game environment
Do we have to ship the Unity project or build and where?
And if that is not the case, is it allowed to ship a build on the submission Article anyway?

One (1) embedded final scene video
Is it forbidden or does reduce chances to use third party editing software for that video? So everything should be composed (audio, frame blending) inside Unity using Timeline for instance?

I try to achieve this anyways but I want to ask.

Oh and finally, is the length of that video/scene relevant in any way?

You have to upload your submission to the Neon Challenge submission page, a video created from your scene will do just fine. If you want to link to a build of your demo so users can see it in real-time you're more than welcome to.

Keep the integrity of the visuals in your scene true to what you've recorded from Unity and you will be just fine adding some audio, title cards...ect in whichever third-party video software you prefer. You can definitely use timeline for most, if not all of it though!

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I recently started my submission but do not yet see a button or similar to upload videos/projects, does this only occur once the two step authentication has been verified?

Looks beautiful

that beautiful picture you

Did I miss who won? When will that be announced?

Winners have been contacted privately, we will have a public announcement showcasing who won soon.