.NET Sockets in basic iOS/Android license?


I thought .NET Sockets are disabled in the basic iOS/Android license, but I tried to use them in this way, and they work fine in an Android device.

Can someone explain me if there is any restriction or simply I understood wrong the license?

Thank you

Since the licenses page tells you sockets aren’t available on Android / iOS basic, there are only a few possibilities:

  1. They want to make it a pro feature but they haven’t implemented the restriction yet.
  2. They planed to make it a pro feature but then dropped the idea and leave it as standard feature. So in this case they forgot to update the documentation.

The same applies to the GL support. I’ve used it in many test projects in an indy build and it works fine.

So there’s no clear answer to that. Since the documentation states it’s not available they can remove the support at any time.

If you need to know it for sure, contact Unity.