Netcode for Gameobjects Network Animator Transition

I have a simple animator (and the NetworkAnimator script), player idle animation base, with a single animation clip transitioning back and forth based on a bool, in local play it works great, with Netcode for GOs, its a bit weird.

Animation works great on owner (client side), but other clients get an error

[Netcode] [DestinationState To Transition Info] Layer (0) does not exist!

This happens with ANY transition, whether its bool, or trigger, or float, but it does NOT happen with blend trees set as default state that are using a float


Can you create an OwnerNetworkAnimator script and replace with NetworkAnimator?

using Unity.Netcode.Components

public class OwnerNetworkAnimator : NetworkAnimator
    protected override bool OnIsServerAuthoritative()
        return false;