Netcode - How to Handle 2 Scenes Simuntaneously?

Is there a way to have a Host have two active scenes but only see one at a time? The clients will also be able to jump back and forth between these scenes.

A simple way to put it would be, have two scenes, outside and inside. When they go inside, move to inside scene, when they move outside, go to outside scenes. (Clients/Host can be on different scenes)

Both scenes will have networkobjects that can can be picked up and dropped that’s what I need to keep track of.

The ideal functionality would be:

  • Host maintains an active state for both ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ scenes.
  • Clients can switch between these scenes, but only render and interact with one scene at a time.
  • The host should track all NetworkObject interactions across both scenes, even if not present in a particular scene.

Also - whats more popular here or the forums? Im confused theres so many now.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: