Network, Builds wont move

So Im trying to figure out basic networking in unity.
Im making a rts style game where the players controll their units by selecting them and then clicking where they want them to go, I use the navmesh agent for movement.

Now, the only thing that actually work is the camera, clients can move their camera around and it’s not effecting the other clients connected.

When I host or connect the client get a button to spawn, this spawns in a unit and sets it in the clients controllable unit list. I spawn them in using Network.Instantiate right now in hopes that it would turn the object into that clients unit and allow it to controll it but no.

The problem I’m having though is that the BUILT verisions of the prototype are not allowed to move their units, only the editor is allowed to move it’s units, no matter if it is the host or not. The connected clients see this update in real time (a bit laggy tho, any way to make it smoother?)

As I said, Im new to networking so I dont really know what to do :confused:


Still no progress, can only move my units in the editor and not via built verisions of the game.