Network.Connect failed.

Hello everyonw, yesterday I started designing the network features my game would use, and I encountered a problem when trying to make a basic connection between 2 clients.

Whenever I create the server, automatically I get disconnected from it. The console shows the following:

Server initialized and ready on port: 9999.
Local server connection disconnected

That’s for the server part. I said ‘well, let’s check if a client can connect to be sure’ and when a client tries to connect I get:

The connection request to failed. Are you sure the server can be connected to?
Could not connect to server: ConnectionFailed

So, I believe this last error is because the server shutted down the second it started as the first warnings say. Anyone has any idea what could be causing this? I have direct connection, my firewall turned off, and the script to check if a connection can be made as the docs say, it returned perfect.

This is the code I’m using to create the server and later connect as a Client. (Note that I already tried to make 2 builds, one server and one client, to check if that was the problem and its the same):

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class _Server : MonoBehaviour {
	private int playerCount;
	// Server
	void Start(){
		PlayerPrefs.SetInt("ServerPort", 9999);
	public void LaunchServer() {
        bool useNat = !Network.HavePublicAddress();
        Network.InitializeServer(32, PlayerPrefs.GetInt("ServerPort"), useNat);
	void OnServerInitialized() {
        Debug.Log("Server initialized and ready on port: " + PlayerPrefs.GetInt("ServerPort"));
	// Client
	void ConnectToServerFromLocal() {
        Network.Connect("", PlayerPrefs.GetInt("ServerPort"));
    void OnFailedToConnect(NetworkConnectionError error) {
        Debug.Log("Could not connect to server: " + error);
	void OnDisconnectedFromServer(NetworkDisconnection info) {
        if (Network.isServer)
            Debug.Log("Local server connection disconnected");
            if (info == NetworkDisconnection.LostConnection)
                Debug.Log("Lost connection to the server");
                Debug.Log("Successfully diconnected from the server");

Thanks very much for taking the time to read my problem, it is much appreciated.

I think you cannot call “ConnectToServerFromLocal” from “OnServerInitialized”.
the first is a “client side method” and the second is a “Server Side Event”.

Maybe that “ConnectToServerFromLocal” close the server listen connections that you open from “LaunchServer”.