Network.Connect literally does nothing

I have a script that connects a player to a server. I was in the middle of debugging the RPC call for loading a level, and all of the sudden my Network.Connect function started doing nothing at all, but the level doesn’t load. It sends all of the debug calls but no errors are called nor does it load the new level. I can’t tell if it’s a problem with my connection script or RPC call, so here’s both:

function JoinGame(){
	connectingPass = joinPassBox.GetComponent("Text").text;
	ipAddress = ipBox.GetComponent("Text").text;
	initialPort = joinPortBox.GetComponent("Text").text;
		connectingPort = parseFloat(initialPort);
 	Port = parseInt(connectingPort);
	Network.Connect(ipAddress, Port, connectingPass);

function Level(level : String){

function OnPlayerConnected(player: NetworkPlayer){
	Debug.Log("Connected a new player!");
	Debug.Log("Player " + playerCount + " connected from " + player.ipAddress + ":" + player.port);
	networkView.RPC("Level", player, Application.LoadedLevel);

Please help! Thanks in advance.

Try restarting your computer, it may be your firewall getting in the way.

In the end I was able to solve the issue; It seems that when my network was upgraded to a new router my port was mistyped and going to the wrong machine. Thanks for the help!