network effects

Hi, i have problems to make shoot effects. I have two networked games, aircraft and a simple fps. I gonna make them one game, but i must solve this little problem.

How do I make the shoot effects? (im using raycast shot) Before the networking programming, i was using a particle emmiter that uses "particlevar.Emit();" to control the emission when the player press "Fire1".

It doesn't working with networkView i added....

How to control a particle emitter networked, or any other ideas for shooting effects???? Thanks you so much!

You don't need a networkView on the particle emitter, just have one on the player, and have the particle emitter as a child of the player object (so the emitter exists on the player in all network instances of the game), and have a script on the player that sends an RPC to all connected players that he fired a shot.

Here's a basic example:

shotParticles : ParticleEmitter;

function Start(){
    shotParticles.emit = false;

function Update(){
        networkView.RPC("EmitShotParticles", RPCMode.All);

function EmitShotParticles(){
    ShotParticles.emit = true;