Network fps swap cameras

So when I run my multiplayer game, player 1 spawns and works fine. When player 2 comes, they control their own character, but see through the other persons camera. I have the same if(!networkView.isMine){ enabled = false bit on both. Some people have mentioned that the network example addresses this problem, and that it’s something to the extent of get the ‘others’ controller scripts and disable them in each client, once they spawn. I don’t know exactly what that means, and I can’t seem to get the networking example working. Any help with either advice on the problem or how to get the networking example to work would be much appreciated.

Suppose I’ll answer my own question again :slight_smile: When I just use

    enabled = false;

the cameras still screw up. I know logically it’s the same, but when I switched to

function Awake() {
        camera.enabled = true;
	    camera.enabled = false;

it works. Not sure what’s up with that one, but glad my camera problem is fixed. Btw, that’s the only script on my camera other than mouse movement and networkView. Hope this helps the others I saw asking this question.