Network instantiate doesn't find assets on build

Hi all,

I’m building a multiplayer framework for a project I’m working but I bumped into a weird problem.

I have a server/client setup with two Unity instances.

If I run the server on Unity editor, prefabs are run by network.instantiate, so no problem so far.

If I run the client on Unity editor, when it connects to the server, the prefabs that were network instantiated are also synced on this client.

But if I do a build of the client it doesn’t sync anymore, even on the same computer. The log file states “Network.Instantiate on the receiving client failed because the asset couldn’t be found in the project”.

And the network manager logs everything correctly, but in the build, the assets aren’t found.

My Unity version is 4.5.1.
Someone had the same problem???

You need to put the prefab into the Resources-folder, otherwise it will not be included in the build.