Network ipAddress always on PC, correct everywhere else.

Like the title says, after initializing the server and logging out the IP address using various methods:

It is always on my PC but on my Mac laptop and Android smartphone the ip address is read correctly.

Anyone have any ideas why?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Learning more about it seems to act like a catch-all address on your network. But some sites say is a network configuration problem. Assuming it is a catch-all, does that mean I have to manually figure out what my server’s ipaddress is on my local network and have my clients use that one? FYI, I am just trying to setup server/client communication on my local network.

well i have never had that exact error before but i have had problems where unity will only get the IP of the first network adapter listed on your computer. so like if you are connecting with people over a VPN, Network.player.ipAddress dose not show the IP of the VPN connection. so my guess would be if you have a disabled or broken internet adapter as the first one in your list unity is using it and defaulting with means you’re not connected to the Internet (also unable to play with LAN when ip is wiped) usually means “any” ip or “no” ip.