Network Level Loading Freezes Everything

Unity version 4.3.3f1

Long story short: I have two connected players playing a game.

Then I try to load like this:

The call is done by an RPC, and all the code executes perfectly up to this point:
networkView.RPC(“WinScreenGo”, RPCMode.All);

    void WinScreenGo()
        Debug.Log("RPC Received");

public void Loadlevel(string levelName, int prefix = 0)
        if (prefix == 0)
            prefix = levelLoadPrefix;
        StartCoroutine(doLoadLevel(levelName, prefix));

IEnumerator doLoadLevel(string name, int prefix)
        Network.SetSendingEnabled(0, false);
        Network.isMessageQueueRunning = false;

        yield return null;
        yield return null;

        Network.isMessageQueueRunning = true;
        Network.SetSendingEnabled(0, true);

It just straight up crashes. I tried to change the level that gets loaded, etc.

When I test with a debug log, I see that the
" networkView.RPC(“WinScreenGo”, RPCMode.All);"
gets loaded, but the next debug log doesn’t even make it to the debugger before client and server freeze.

I’ve been stuck on this for weeks. Thoughts please?

Also, “WinScreen” is spelled correctly, and this method loads into the level the players play in without issue