Network Lobby/Manager - Spawn player when I tell it to


I’m currently doing something in UNET and I want to spawn my player when the user presses a “Spawn” button, but with the way the Network Lobby/Manager is set up, it spawns automatically, and I can’t find where the player spawn gets called and override it. And disabling “Auto create player” stops the lobby player from being created (which is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever experienced in game development), and again, I can’t find anything to override to manually spawn it without breaking things and/or desync things.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


I thinks it’s impossible to overwrite the scripts or doing somethings else, you should (and I think is the best way) create your own multiplayer.

For me, I have created my own multiplayer manager & lobby. I thinks you should do it because the lobby and network manager created by unity is a way to set up a quick multiplayer server.

For create a multiplayer manager, it’s very simple refer to:

If you need help for creating GUI, refer to: Unity - Manual: IMGUI Basics

I hope it is going to help you,