Network Low Level Api and Peer to Peer Connection ???

Hello . I’m trying to learn new Unet for my little one to one real time game. I’m wanting to learn low level api. Because my game is going to be simple and little. Just (x,y) transform messages and some booleans will be communicate between players.
I downloaded llapi sample project from, and it is working on pc. But it isn’t working on android phone.
I just want learn aswers of this questions:

  1. Is android support unity’s low level
    api or networktransform
    class(Unity - Scripting API: NetworkTransport) ?

  2. Is low level api just works on
    localnetwork? Because I entered global ip to this sample project and didn’t work on pc.

  3. Can I use low level api between
    world wide internet connected

  4. Can I make peer to peer connection
    between this devices. Or is this
    system works only server client
    style like web pages or other big
    AAA games??

note: I’m wanting to make peer to peer game for 2 persons. Is it possible this with unity and low level api?

Hello @Skylander17

I can confirm that Android projects using the LowLevel API work fine.

You can make a peer-to-peer connection and you can send short, timely messages as well as larger, reliable messages. The channels are used to separate traffic and the Quality of Service (QOS) settings create those distinctions between short/time/unreliable to large/must-get-there.

I have created a library that makes using the LowLevel API much easier and I have a chat demo that works well on PC and Android (and between them). It’s not yet on the AssetStore but I’d like to get it there. I can probably help you out in the short term if you’re interested.