Network Manager returns false for all of IsServer/IsHost/IsClient after changing scene

I have two scenes: Lobby and main Game scene
In lobby i gather all people and right there start their network managers (host and clients) and after that change scene with Network Scene Manager to the Game scene.
The issue is that after loading Game scene, if i check is player a host/client/server it always return false, even though in inspector it shows that network manager is running


There, if i press "Stop host" in inspector and then "Start host" it starts working as it should

Where could be an issue? i don't quite understand where it comes from, or do i need to call something after scene has changed to ensure that network manager is properly working?

WHERE do you make this check?

Be sure to wait until OnNetworkSpawn ran for the given object.

I know this is an old post but also make sure you have a NetworkObject component attached. I know usually Unity asks i you want to add one but I had one on a gui element that slipped through recently and it resulted in the bad behaviour that you described.