Network objects not spawning automatically when objects is not active

I have realized that Network objects that are not “Active” when the Network manager makes the connection (ie as a host) do not get spawned automatically. Is there a good workaround for this?

For example, I wish to have an in-scene network object (as a child of a non-network object) so that I can use it as a reference point to parent other network objects but initially don’t want it “Active”; however, if I have to manually spawn the object it gets set back to the topmost layer in the hierarchy (not a child anymore) and I can’t parent it to the initial position as the object it was a child to does not have a network object on it.

If it is a UI element it is possible to put it inside a canvas group and manage the alpha and “block-raycasts” to make it essentially inactive without actually making it inactive. But this still will have issues if there are scripts that are running coroutines and such as those won’t stop due to the object still being active.