Network question, which server to use for MMO

Hi I am allmost done with my game, it is all designed and working with master server/client type networking. Now i would like to use some other type of server like a Photon server. I have no if(Network.isServer)'s in my game. So can i just start the Photon Server and set up the Photon scripts in a scene and my game and it would work like on master server/client type server?

And also is there any simple examples of just connecting to a photon server in unity, i have only seen the PhotonMMO and DemoRealtime examples.

I am also open for any other suggestions of servers.

Thanks in advance :)

Look at this and i think you need to get photon server, you can also use photon cloud but than you can’t implement your own game logic I think :slight_smile:

We have the server side covered with our own server engine called Atavism Online. It uses our Atavism Engine for back end server side and Unity as the client. Take a look at our website for more information or read more on our Unity forum thread.

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