Network: Random spawn

How does the new spawning system work? (UNET)
I have set the player as my character and spawn method to random, but when he spawns he just ends up at


Why is this? Have I misunderstood the feature?

  • Makak

When UNET spawns a player prefab it looks for any gameObjects with the component ‘Network Start Position’. If it can’t find any of those it defaults to 0,0,0 world coordinates.

If you want to create multiple spawn locations you’ll need to create GameObjects in your scene with the Network Start Position attached. Random mode simply chooses one of the Start Positions randomly when the Prefab is spawned.

If you want a truly random spawn, let everything spawn through UNET at 0,0,0 - then call a script to move the gameobject to a random location after the fact.