Network RPC - exclude specific client

i have a setup with what i would call an authoritative Server.

There, client-copies on other clients are despawned by


based on Distance to each other (and spawned too. …Some kind of interest management in background).

copies are synced with a networkview on each copy. But when i destroy a remote client-copy, the player still recieves the update-rpc’s for this viewID, and respectively generates many error messages.
how can i exclude that specific client from receiving rpcs for the destroyed copy? (other players may still need updates)

rpcmode.others is used from the on-server player instances to update the clones.

All clients and client-copies are created by rpcs (no network.instantiate).

SetScope may not be feasable, because of the limit and me having trouble managing that for the big amount of group-shifting needed.

Thanks in advance.

(P.S. instantiation works like this: client sends spawnrequest, server allocates ViewID, sends rpc(spawngranted,playerid, viewID), client Object.instantiates his copy. When the on-server intance enters another on-server instances radius they each spawn their copy on the other connected machine with their copies networkView set to their viewID. sync is then accomplished through rpc’s)

So if you can’t use Scope I think you are going to actually have to address your RPCs to each individual player. Clearly a pain, but achieves the reduction in bandwidth usage on those distance players. in this circumstance you might even consider sending the updates for a series of players in a single RPC call directed accordingly. Or just don’t destroy those game objects, deactivate them…