Network Simulator not working on Meta Quest headsets

I’m trying to use the NetworkSimulator component on a Meta Quest 3 device, but it’s not working.

Version information:

  • Unity editor 2022.3.32f1
  • com.unity.netcode.gameobjects version 1.9.1
  • com.unity.transport version 2.2.1
  • version 2.0.0-pre.5

I’ve tested fresh projects with development builds for Windows and Android phones, and it works there. It’s only when running on Quest 2/3 that it doesn’t work.

One of the requirements for the simulator to work is that its IsAvailable property is true, and on the headsets it’s false. Peeking at the implementation led me to discover that when the NetworkTransportApi object is instantiated and tries to subscribe to adapters, the number of adapters in NetworkAdapters.Adapters was zero. Digging a bit deeper I was able to see that NetworkAdapters.Adapters never gets populated in headset builds, none of the code meant to populate it even runs. I have not been able to dig deeper than this, and I’m looking for any advice on what to do next to solve this.