Network Solution Recommendation

Hello ')! At the moment I’m starting to make my first multiplayer game, and I would like some help on choosing the network solution. I have been reading about them in different sites, but I would appreciate if somebody could give me a more accurate recommendation on the basis of my case (sorry if my English is bad I’m from Spain):
-Multiplayer 5v5.
-Important focus on communication (needs to have a voicechat inside the game)
-I’m willing to pay an extra or do whatever it takes to avoid cheating and hackers (I want a safe solution).
-I’m also disposed to pay for a better connection.
-So far there is no ranking system, nor skins or anything to buy in-game, but if anyone wants to recommend something for that case feel free.
Overall I want players to have a great experience regardless of the cost, although I wouldn’t mind seeing some cheap solutions. Thanks :).

Photon Bolt (advanced tutorial with server auth) plus PlayFab is a good combination. PlayFab has a simple matchmaking solution and it integrates with a GameServer system to automatically create the server instances for you and connect the players for the match.
For a match based game there is nothing easier to use right now.
You build your game one time, and just have some IF statements to know that it is the server or not. You build a Server Build (checkbox on the Build screen) and upload that to PlayFab so that it can spawn server instances for the matches.

In terms of netcode, Photon Bolt is getting old and there’s a new solution called Photon Fusion that you should be looking into. It offers better options than what Bolt currently does. Similarly, Mirror networking has been around for a long time and is also getting a bit old. However, there’s FishNetworking which was inspired by Mirror and offers a more optimized networking solution.

As for game servers, I would recommend Edgegap. They offer far more than Playfab when it comes to server locations, which is a great way to reduce latency for players, especially in a 5v5. They also automate all the provisioning and server management so you can focus on your game.