Network Tutorials in unity3d

Hi, Any body know toturials/site/blog about Network in unity3d?

So thanks.

This one complements unitys networking documentation pretty well

there are plenty. im guessing u haven't tried searching here's a couple links

they even have a package to download with pre-made test scenes you'll most likely need smart fox server

HOPE i could Help :)

~ More Than a Gamer

he has currently finished series 1, and series 2 will be all about implementing master server. He showed me how to make my game;

WorldBox Multiplayer

He showed how to add custom names, creating and joining servers, shooting and killing other players, winning a TeamDeathMatch game, scoreboard, chatbox, combat log and most of all - how to create a game

Vote for him on steam greenlight so he can realease series 2 earlier, he also said if he doesnt get enough votes he will stop making his tutorials :frowning:

there was one on youtube i saw just recently here is the name hope it works for you Unity Network Player Part 1

check out 198boblob’s channel on youtube