network view directionality

I have a game where players can create objects which can then be manipulated by all players. The problem is that only the player who created the object can currently move it. Other players can move the object locally but the changes dont propagate to other clients. My question is, is it a feature that network views only work in one direction, meaning I will have to create multiple network views on each object, or am I simply doing something wrong. In the latter case what is that likely to be if anything springs to mind?

The owner of a networkView generally is in control of any input on an object, as they do the stream writing of OnSerializeNetworkView, and they are the networkView.owner.

If you want to have an object in the scene that is controllable by multiple players, it is probably best to handle it authoritatively (have the client send input requests for the object to the server, have the server broadcast the results of the input request to everybody).