NetworkBehaviour.isClient problems

I updated my Unity from 2017 to version 2018.2.1f1. I am making a multiplayer game and since the update I am having a problem with the Networki.isClient. I know it is depricated so I tried to use NetworkBehaviour.isClient like in the documentation but when I use this i can’t run my game. Sombody has the solution for this?

If you used the legacy networking system (RakNet) your only solution is to downgrade Unity. Since 2018.2 They have finally removed the legacy networking system and it can’t be used anymore. Your only other option would be to port your game to the new network system UNet. However if you’re already quite far into the game you may want to stick with your current solution using the Untiy version you had used before the upgrade. The new networking system (UNet) works very different from the legacy networking system.

Have a look at the very top of this page.