NetworkComponent Error

Our game uses iCloud syncing and Apple Arcade. Every now and then we get a Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x10) error in Xcode that crashes the app with this message.

#0 0x00000001c0078cdc in re::ecs2::NetworkComponent::resolveSelfView(re::HashSet<re::SharedPtrre::ecs2::NetworkComponent, re::Hash<re::SharedPtrre::ecs2::NetworkComponent>, re::EqualTo<re::SharedPtrre::ecs2::NetworkComponent>, true, false>*) ()

After restarting the installation process on the device sometimes, this goes away only to come back a few builds later. Does anyone have a clue where this might be coming from or where and how to investigate?

And I wasn’t able to reproduce this in another project to file a bug.

Thanks for any help!

Hi KevHel – These appear to be issues within Apple code unrelated to Unity. I encourage you to reach out to their technical support (for example, via Xcode > Help > Report a problem).


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