Networked Scoreboard / Highscore Table

I have only just started trying out the networking capabilities of Unity, but I definitely do not understand all of the key features of it. So I decided to try and start off with something simple. Basically, I have made a little lightweight (singleplayer) game, where the player runs around a little area, trying to get to a waypoint before the time runs out. But my question is, how would I implement a networked highscore table into this game? So, if I staged a LAN party, me and my friends could simultaniously compete to get the highest score!

Thanks in advance!

You could take a look at the wiki: Server Side Highscores

PHP, MySQL and JavaScript examples

I was in the exact same boat. I used the zero to hero guide, completed all the tutorials then deconstructed some of the demo projects so i could understand them and implement them into our project.

The only problem is when you play any of them or use simply have the scripts in your project unity returns the error, NAT punchthrough is obsolete. Luckily for you this is the script to fix the NAT Punchthrough.