Networking architecture for a webplayer based multiplayer


I am working on a project that has similar networking requirements that a web-based multiplayer blackjack kinda game would have. Few interacting clients, some state synch and not much killing each other so clients cheating is not an issue.

I read through the networking chapter of Unity manual but came out more confused than ever on what kind of networking architecture would I have:

  • Since clients will be webplayer based and could be behind all kind of NATs/firewalls, I figure P2P client networking or having one of the unity client act as a server is not really an option. Is that correct?
  • If so, then do I get anything out of Unity Networking or pretty much should code up the whole state synchronization etc on the server side from scratch? I am not sure if any of the RPC, Start Server, Network Instantiate etc etc that you see in the manual is applicable for web clients.
  • Assuming its a dedicated server, do clients talk to it using Http/WWW or some duplex socket (like XMLSocket in flash)?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


There a M2H_Networking_Tutorial.