Networking, dedicated server

Hello, I am making a multiplayer game, hosted by dedicated server and I need to sync positions between players. So, I choosed this solution:71248-yup.png
My question is: Is it even realisable? And how?

Please help…

This is very possible. How your picture describes the situation it is not authoritative (like suggested by allenallenallen). With authoritative setup the players do not send their position (which is unsafe because someone could hack your client and tell the server bogus positions) only the input of the player to the server. The server then executes the movements sent by the player and sends back the new position of the moved character to all clients.

Anyway as said dedicated servers with or without authoritative movement are very well possible with UNet. I have built an Asset Store package around the idea of a dedicated server: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making . Authoritative and non-authoritative is possible with it. Location and animation-syncing across the network works out of the box.

Yes, it’s possible. How? Google is your friend. There are a few tutorials out there on YouTube about authoritative server using UNET. Pick the one that suits your situation.