Networking Example doesn´t connect

Hallo to Everyone!

(Please excuse my bad english)
I´ve got two small questions, maybe someone can help:

First: I would like to learn, how networking in Unity works, so I just tried to take a look at the networking example. Because I´ve got only one Mac in here, I "published" the Example and tried to start a connection on vista machines. But it does not work and I don´t know why. :(
I´ve made simple client-server 2d-games with PureBasic before and some applications in visual c#. They all run perfectly, so it can´t be a broken network. (I also did the Firewall shut down, but with no result...).

Second: Is there a way to avoid, that the players have to fill in the right IP-Adress of the server? In most games you just click on "Find network games" and you have not to care about IP´s. In Basic there were no way to do it. But maybe in Unity? Would be great! :wink:

Many thanks to all

In regards to your second question, the MasterServer class offers a "lobby" style of connection. You set up and initialize the server as you normally would and then call MasterServer.RegisterHost(). The section on "Registering a Host" in the Master Server Manual has a simple code example that I was able to use successfully nearly as is (I added a GUI text field to set the name and a button to start the server).

Master server docs: