Networking GameManager/GameState Sync

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Unity Networking and networking in general. I have a prototype game I created and would like to add in multiplayer. My issue is that I currently have a GameManager that controls and stores all the info for the current game. When I have a client connect to my host, the client GameManager does not have the correct game info and do to the lack of variable types RPC’s can send I don’t know of a way to fill out the client side GameManager’s info.

I would like to know if there is a way I can transfer my GameManager data to the clients or if there is a way I can just access the server GameManager and not worry about the clients manager at all.

Thank you in advance and if you need more info on this problem please ask.

I think the way is to adapt some GameManager variables to be compatible with RPC’s variables types. By my experience RPC’s variables types are enough for any logical needs. I am using something similar and all works well; when a RCP type doesn’t exist I simple store lists with integer index, send index with RPC and read and apply values on targets by the integer index.