Networking. How can I instantiate a different prefab in client and the server?

Hello, there!

I’m trying to make a multiplayer game with a authorative server and I want to make this:

Instantiate a prefab on server to get the client prefab state where that’ll have a script to get the client prefab state(position, location, etc.), but without any mesh(like an empty gameObject).

Instantiate a different prefab in client(with a mesh, like a cube or even an animated character).

When the player try to do something (like move the player), the server prefab, will get the info, and send to the client prefab his new state

Does anybody have a way to do this? Sorry about any mispelling, that’s not my native language, and if I wasn’t clear, please, tell me, then I’ll give more details.

Thanks in advance,

Toni Cesar

You could use a normal Instantiate on the server, then call an RPC function that calls Instantiate for another prefab on the client.

Not sure if you can use State Synchronization in that case (I think there is a way, but it requires manually setting Network View IDs), but you could use RPCs for throwing data around.