Networking in C# does not look like it does in Javascript?

I'm trying to add networking support to my game, but I am running into trouble transliterating the examples from Javascript to C#. For example, on the very first line:

if (Network.peerType == NetworkPeerType.Disconnected)

The compiler complains that Network has no such member, and looking through the member list, there is indeed nothing like `peerType`. Nor is instantiating a Network object and trying to call methods on it any help -- there are no relevant methods defined.

Is networking possible in C#? What does it look like? For example, how is this very first line of the tutorials (all of them) written?

Or maybe networking is not available in the free version of Unity? I didn't see anything like that mentioned, but I hope it is.


I apologize, I'm an idiot! I had forgotten that I had named my class `Network`, so of course it was looking for members of my own class. red face